Saturday, June 27, 2015

My morning coffee.

Photo: From inside the porch at the Casa Carmona, Interamerican University

"I see you trying to stick to your morning routine, Lorie" is what one of my housemates laughingly told me the other day. I am by no means a morning person, but each day since I've been in Puerto Rico, I have been setting my alarm for 7am, making myself a little breakfast and sitting out on the porch to eat before anyone else wakes up. There are seven of us staying together at the Casa Carmona, a guest house on the campus of Interamerican University. As you can see by the accompanying photo, the house is totally enclosed by metal bars, and situated by a highway; so there's not much of a view from the porch. In my regular life back home, I'm used to quite a bit of solitude. I've definitely never lived in a house with six other people. (Yes, that's seven women in a house with two bathrooms.) But I will admit that I'm enjoying it. The people that I'm here with are all extraordinary, intelligent, considerate and fun to be around. I feel lucky to be here in Puerto Rico having such a tremendous experience and learning so much. A few minutes in the morning to collect my thoughts with a cup of coffee is enough solitude to suffice for the day's upcoming adventure. The café con leche out on the road is much more delicious, by the way. 

A conglomeration of trees, outside of the guest house

Walking alongside a mural on the footbridge on campus

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