Friday, June 26, 2015

A day in Loiza and Piñones

Photo: Sculpture and paintings in Samuel Lind's home studio

What an extraordinary day we had, traveling to the towns of Loiza and Piñones today. This is an area of Puerto Rico which is primarily populated by people of African descent, and maintains much of the culture and traditions within, such as bomba and plena music and dance. 

First we were welcomed into the home studio of artist, Samuel Lind. As a part of this community, Samuel highlight so much of the beauty in Loiza by way of documenting the people and their traditions. His work spans from painting to sculpture and silkscreen and every corner of his two- story home studio is covered in artwork. 

From there, we went across the street for a quick visit to the artisan shop of Castor Ayala, who's famous for making the masks used in Puerto Rican festivals. Next we went for a "quick" bite at a beachside cuchifrito spot called Kiosco Boriqua (which took forever, but was well worth the wait). We wanted to make a detour to the beach, but ran out of time as we had an appointment in Piñones. 

We went to the Cooperativa Piñones se Integra (COPI) and met with the founder, Maricruz Rivera Clemente. She spoke with us about her activism through art and how COPI strengthens the community through sustainable development, offers ecotourism and is also a center for bomba and plena performance and classes. 

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