Monday, June 29, 2015

El Yunque and Luquillo

Photo: From the observation tower at El Yunque. 

On Sunday we took a break from the classroom and drove out to visit El Yunque rainforest and then Luquillo beach.  We were lucky to have one of our coordinators, Regina's BFF, Melanie, with us, as she happens to be a tour guide at El Yunque. I had been to the rainforest many years before  with my parents, so I had some idea of how lush it was. But being with Melanie was great because she taught us a bit about the history and took us on a hiking trail that lead to beautiful river. There were lots of people there (both tourists and local families) swimming and relaxing around the rocks. 

We worked up quite an appetite hiking around El Yunque, so after that, we went to eat some Puerto Rican goodies at a roadside  restaurant (yum!!!). And from there we headed off to Luquillo beach. Full bellies notwithstanding, we all got into our swimsuits and into the ocean. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

Hiking in El Yunque.

Luquillo Beach.

CAUWW hiking a trail in El Yunque.

Luquillo Beach.

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