Tuesday, May 24, 2022

From Student to Alumni Leadership: AITA

    Something I have yet to write about on this blog is my experience with being on the leadership team of my alumni group, Alumni in the Arts (AITA). Back when I was a student in the Baruch Weissman Arts Administration MA program, which I attended 2018-2020 (wow, how time flies!) I was involved in the student organization, Graduate Arts Administration Network (GAAN). I wrote about that experience here, of being brought into the group, somewhat reluctantly, and ending up becoming the VP, then President. It was a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional growth, building leadership skills, and cultivating community. By the time I graduated, it felt like a natural progression to join the (then new) alumni group and build on the foundation we had laid and expand it to the broader Baruch network. 

    My partner in crime, as a student and as an alumna, is Anastasia Gudko. She is a bright, energetic person with an infectious enthusiasm for everything she does. If not for Anastasia, I know I would never have gotten involved in GAAN or AITA. Together we have done a lot of  good work for the Baruch community of arts and cultural workers. As volunteers, I will admit that sometimes this work feels underappreciated, but that's why I think it is important to remind ourselves of the value of what we're doing, mark milestones, and celebrate when possible. The last two years have been extra challenging- graduating in the midst of a global pandemic - but we continue to push forward with AITA, building community and paving the way for more alumni in the arts to join in. 

    Below I have included images of some of the events and milestones we have marked with AITA. The current leadership team consists of Alessia DeFrancesco (Graphic Designer), Vi Tagala (Social Media Manager), Hannah Kolb (Student Liaison), Anastasia and myself. 

Potluck Picnic in Central Park, June 2021

Outing to Madison Square Park, 2021

Results from our Virtual Mentorship Week for Arts & Cultural Professionals, collaboration with Executives on Campus 2021

Virtual interactive event we produced in 2020: How the Arts Can Sustain the Momentum to Confront Racism

Invitation for mentors to participate in our mentorship week 2021

Alumni Spotlight social media series featuring alumni who work in arts administration, 2022

Instagram Takeover series featuring "a day in the life" of alumni who work at cultural institutions, 2022

AITA year n review, 2020

AITA year in review 2021

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