Friday, January 25, 2019

Newsletter Famous

Today I received a newsletter published by the Graduate Student Assembly at Baruch College. Lo and behold - what do I see? A photo of me (in a banana yellow sweater!), flanked by smiling classmates visiting the closing plenary event at the APAP Conference. It made me giggle because I have a running joke with friends about the fact that I keep ending up in newsletters. 

I happen to have some of these newsletters on file, so I thought it would be fun to share them here in a blog post. It seems to be a recurring phenomenon - so don't be surprised if you see my face in your local circular sometime in the future. Hopefully I won't be wearing banana yellow next time.  

I joke, but I am actually proud to have attended (and in some cases participated or contributed to) these events/programs, for which I just so happened to end up in the photos. It's nice to be have these keepsakes and reminders of time well spent. 

Baruch Graduate Student Assembly Newsletter, January 2019, re: Touring & Presenting class at the APAP Conference.

NYC Artist Coalition Newsletter, December 2017, re: #SaveNYCSpaces
Night Mayor Town Hall event.

Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, informational flyer for Community Arts University Without Walls program, 2016.

Brooklyn Museum Membership Newsletter, April 2014. 

*Added after post was originally published - Weissman Graduate Career Services Newsletter, Fall 2019 Review.

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