Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The final two days of the CAUWW program in Puerto Rico...

Photo: Hallway at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico (MAC)

I lost track of blogging about what we did during the last two days of the CAUWW program... Let me disclose now that during the whole time we were living on campus, we did not have a proper WiFi connection; so, I actually did all of the blogging (writing and photo uploading) through my iPhone. Kinda challenging!

On Thursday, June 2nd, we took a trip to the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico (MAC). We were met by artist, Lionel Cruet, who gave us a tour of the show Colonial Comfort. After seeing so many types and styles of art it was a nice finale to encounter a contemporary collection - especially of artists responding to the concept of colonialism (a theme which we have been discussing a lot on this trip to the commonwealth of PR, which some would argue is actually a US colony). Lionel showed us around and explained about the works (including his own piece) in this group show, put together by guest curator Lisa Ladner ( and originally shown at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts in Saint Croix.

From there we went back to campus to work on our final project presentations. For the culmination of the CAUWW program, each of us students were expected to take what we had learned and come up with a concept for individual projects, moving forward. Our presentations would take place the next morning, the last day of class. Back at the Casa Carmona guesthouse, for maybe the first time, there was no talking to be heard - only the clickity-clack of keyboards and the scribbling of pens to paper. On Friday morning, we took a few hours making our presentations and Dr. Vega gave us feedback and guidance. From there, she took us out to lunch, our last meal together as a group, to El Patio Sole in Santurce. Lunch was great, but I felt a little sad that the experience was coming to an end.

(To see more photos, go to my Instagram: @whippedhoney.)

Adal, "Operation Mind Scrub."

Janet Cook-Rutnik, "The House of Dreams."

Janet Cook-Rutnik, "The House of Dreams."

Liza Morelez-Ortis, "La Calle, Tendedero."

Lionel Cruet with his work, "On Related Circumstances."

El Patio de Sole restaurant in Santurce.

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